Wellbeing  Workshops

Wellbeing in Nature Workshops

Each year The Nurture Project arranges a series of 'Wellbeing in Nature Workshops'. These one-day nature-based events take place in and around woodland in north Norfolk and are lead by a variety of practitioners. They are primarily aimed at anyone with an interest in wellbeing and / or connecting with nature, but any profits that are generated from the events go towards subsidising places for more vulnerable people on regular therapy programmes at The Nurture Project .

Typically most of the day is spent outside appreciating everything that nature has to offer, but refreshments are served in the sanctuary of The Nurture Project's Nest which provides the perfect gathering space for small groups.

The workshops offer a wide range of activities encompassing art, foraging, mindfulness, bush craft and mild physical exercise. Each session is guided by an expert in their field, helping participants to find real peace of mind as they immerse themselves in nature.

Please keep an eye out in our social channels to see when the next Wellbeing Workshop will be taking place or make an enquiry through our Contact form. The events generally run from 10am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon with a light lunch served half way through the day.

Each day is open to anyone who is curious about the positive impact that nature, and nature based activities, can have on their wellbeing. No experience of any kind is required, just an open mind and a love of the great outdoors.

During 2023 we have incorporated a range of pursuits including Foraging, Qigong, Drawing, and Wild Weaving to name but a few.

Prices start from around £90 per day and numbers are limited as small groups tend to flourish best.