Nurture through Nature

The Nurture Project’s main activities take place in and around a walled garden, which consists of vegetable and cutting gardens, an orchard, a quiet garden, and an adjacent ephemeral pond.  In addition, there is a woodland walk, as well as a workshop space for rainy days.

It is important to stress that The Nurture Project is not just about gardening, it is horticultural activity supervised by a trained therapist targeting clear therapeutic objectives. The project aims to work alongside local mental health teams, together with educators, therapists and facilitators specialising in mental health, as well as client self referrals.

Fee Structure

Individual Sessions are charged at £50 for one hour and £85 for two hours.

Group Sessions are charged at £30 per person per hour and we recommend two hours per session for up to 4 people.

Multiple session packages are available:

Individuals: 6x one hour for £250 and 6x two hours for £425

Groups: from £25 per person per hour with a minimum booking of 6 sessions

Outreach activities and Consultancy: Prices available on application


The Nurture Project is a commercial social enterprise that accepts self paying and funded clients.  For those clients who are not in a position to fund themselves The Nurture Project has access to it’s Foundation Fund, which is an independent fund operated through a segregated bank account.  This allows third parties including businesses, private individuals, and charities to fund sessions at The Nurture Project for clients who are unable to fund themselves.

The Nurture Project Foundation Fund operates through a ‘Community’ bank account, which has been designed to meet the needs of clubs, charities, societies and other forms of non-profit organizations. By utilising this fund in conjunction with its regular commercial activity The Nurture Project can make itself accessible to a much wider group of vulnerable clients.

Benefactors who want to support clients who cannot fund their own sessions should contact The Nurture Project coordinator who will provide them with more information on the governance of the fund and how it is utilised to finance individual and  group sessions.

Assessment and Reporting

The Nurture Project is a licencee of the ‘Wellbeing Star Programme’, which is an evidence-based tool for supporting and measuring change.  It is recognised and respected within the health sector, as an example of positive practice in relation to tracking individual development, and progress against multiple vulnerabilities. Regular assessments are also carried out as part of the client’s personal development programme, and as a point of reference for referrers.

Norfolk Green Care Initiative

The Nurture Project is a keen supporter of the countywide initiative to establish a collaborative Green Care infrastructure. There are a range of ways in which some sort of network can help to develop and support Green Care in Norfolk, including:

  • enabling projects to connect and explore potential working relationships
  • sharing expertise, resources and volunteers
  • coming together to develop expertise through training and events
  • inspiring and promoting the development of existing and new Green Care activities
  • enabling pathways for individuals to progress between different types and levels of Green Care
  • developing a set of values and practices which ensure those involved can be seen as meeting a common set of standards, whilst recognising the variety of the activities being provided
  • bringing together and promoting research into the impact of Green Care so as to further its development


Supporters and Partners

We would like to thank everybody in the mental healthcare community in Norfolk for their encouragement and support. We have found so many 'friends' from across the NHS and charitable organisations who have helped us to develop and refine The Nurture Project to the social enterprise that it is today.

We have been awarded various pieces of funding from Tesco’s, Norfolk Community Foundation and Fakenham Town Council, as well as charitable organisations and private donors, which have allowed us to support clients that cannot fund themselves. We are also an accredited Day Services Provider for Norfolk County Council.

Other organisations that recognise the work that we are doing include Carers UK, Norfolk Suffolk Foundation Trust, Fakenham Medical Practice, DEEP, Victory Housing, Confer, Mind, MensCraft and Wells Community Hospital Trust. We continue to receive very generous ongoing support from Fakenham Garden Centre and GJL Animal Feeds who provide us with lots of tools and supplies.

Please do contact us if you would like to find out more about our working partnerships.